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Hip Preservation

What is Hip Preservation?

Hip preservation surgery is a relatively new option for people with hip pain who have yet to develop osteoarthritis. Hip preservation procedures were developed to delay or even prevent the progression of osteoarthritis. These procedures may be beneficial for patients diagnosed with:

  • Hip impingement and labral tears
  • Hip instability and dysplasia
  • Avascular necrosis of the femoral head

What is hip impingement?

Hip impingement, or femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), is a common cause of hip pain in younger patients and can lead to hip osteoarthritis if untreated. It is caused from abnormal bone contact of the femoral neck or acetabulum with normal movement of the hip, especially hip flexion. It is typically caused by irregular shape of the bones involved. The labrum, a type of cartilage that lines the rim of the hip, is usually torn and the patient will experience pain in the groin with certain movements or activities.

What is hip dysplasia?

The hip consists of a ball and socket configuration. The ball is the femoral head and the socket is the acetabulum. In dysplasia, the socket does not adequately cover the ball. The labrum is often diseased because it is stressed from the resulting instability.

What treatment are there?

Hip injuries and pathology may be treated non-operatively with avoiding activities that cause pain, NSAIDs, physical therapy and injections into the joint. When non-operative management fails, the hip can often be treated with minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery utilizing two or more small incisions for quicker recovery. In severe cases of instability and complex deformity, the surgeon may need to perform open surgery to address the cause.